How to fill pocketizer

Assembly of the spigot

How to use pocketizer - sanitizer dispenser kit

To use the Pocketizer, remove the lid from the top of the one-gallon dispenser and pour in your own mix of sanitizer. Remove the rotating cap from the Pocketizer and engage the opening on Pocketizer to the opening of the spigot. Make sure the engagement of the spigot is good with no space between the Pocketizer and the opening of the spigot.  As you start twisting the lever on the spigot, the Pocketizer locks in place and fills automatically. Put the lever back to the original position to stop the fill and release the Pocketizer. To use, just pop up the spout and squeeze the Pocketizer gently to release a small amount of sanitizer.  The 6.9-ounce Pocketizers can be pre-filled and loaded in the top tray for convenient sanitizing on the go so your family is protected each day.


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