Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Engage the opening of the Pocketizer to the opening of the spigot on the dispenser. Once the lever is twisted, the Pocketizer locks in place and fills automatically. Once filled to the line, the lever is returned to the original position to release the Pocketizer.

Is the Pocketizer and the cap dishwasher safe?

Yes, but we recommend cleaning by hand however when filled with Sanitizer, cleaning is very infrequently.

Is the green lid also for storage?

Yes, the top lid holds six prefilled Pocketizers.

How many fluid ounces does the Pocketizer hold?

It holds 6.9 ounces.

Is your product BPA Free?

Our main plastic material is Polypropylene, #5 plastic. We also use plastic #1, #2 and #6 in our products. All of these plastics are BPA free.

Are the quality of the plastics good?

Indeed. We take pride in using high quality, durable plastics.

Can the spigot be cleaned?

Yes, however that is after many many uses. The spigot can be removed, rinsed and put back on easily. The instructions will come with each unit.

Can it dispense faster?

You need to dilute the Sanitizer mix by adding more alcohol so that the liquid is thinner and will dispense freely.

How long does it take for shipping?

We ship out three times weekly Monday, Wednesday & Friday. All orders are shipped USPS Priority and will arrive in approximately 3-4 days.





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