We have sampled this Liquid Sanitizer by LSI Chemical ( 64 oz ) and added Lavender Essential Oil to give the Sanitizer an appealing scent as an option. You can also choose other scents such as Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Rose, Peppermint, etc. Our one-gallon dispenser is 128oz so you would need ideally two since it is 64oz however one + choosing an Essential Oil can get you started.

64oz Fills (9) Pocketizers

128oz Fills (18) Pocketizers

Depending on the size of your family either supply could last you 1 + years. By choosing Sanitizer Dispenser Kit you will save more than 50% by making your own Sanitizer and help greatly reduce plastic waste. It's best to have more than enough in preparation that the Coronavirus will be around for a while. Also, you will know what’s in your own mix of Sanitizer which is much healthier and fewer ingredients than what you typically find in department stores.

It’s Safer For Your Kids To Make Your Own sanitizer






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