About "Twist & FILL"

This revolutionary spigot is much more advanced than a traditional spigot that sits on a dispenser.  Here's how it works: Engage the opening of the 6.9oz Pocketizer to the opening of the spigot on the dispenser. Once the lever is twisted, the reusable container locks in place and fills automatically. Once filled to the line, the lever is returned to the original position to release the reusable container.  We are also developing a 4oz version of Pocketizer created by our talented Engineer Jai Preet Singh to be released in 2020. 

Our next product "Twist Solo" Invented by William Jimroglou and our talented Engineer Jai Preet Sing allows kids to dispense their own drinks for the very first time. Thank you for your interest in our first product Pocketizer, Sanitizer Dispenser Kit. 

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